Dance Classes

  • Tinies (age 18months-3)

    The Tinies class enables students to explore space, develop musicality and to improve coordination. This class introduces basic elements of ballet, jazz and creative movement. This class also uses musical instruments, hoops, balls, hats and other props to enhance the development of these skills.

  • Kinder Dance (age 3-4)

    The kinder dance class fosters a love of movement in your child and enables students to explore space, develop musicality and creatively play. This class introduces basic of dance to improve co ordination movement. This class also uses props to enhance the development of these skills and engage the students.

  • Kids Yoga

    This is a yoga class for kids! This class incorporates mindfulness and relaxation for kids. It assists with their strength, coordination, balance and concentration. This class is appropriate for ages 3 - 8 years old.

  • Boys Only

    Our boys class is strictly Boys Only. This class is a fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop. It is jam-packed with the latest chart-topping tracks, keeping the lessons current and cool.

  • Acro

    Students will begin to learn the basics of gaining flexibility and the ability to control and master dance tricks of the trade. This class cannot be taken on its own as it is an extension class for those dancers who like to be upside down, cartwheeling or in the splits. We follow the Acro Arts Syllabus and encourage students to move levels at their own pace.

  • Jazz / Funk

    Our Classes are designed to work with a variety of dance styles including Jazz and Funk. In the weekly hour class students learn safe warm-up practices, basic technique and class routines in these two particular styles. This is an all round fun, exciting dance class with something new every week.

  • Lyrical

    Lyrical dance is expressive and focusses on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. Similar to contemporary, dancers learn to incorporate sustained energy, dynamic movement, and clean lines as well as assimilate emotion and storytelling into their performance

  • Little Break

    Our little break class is strictly boys only. This class is a fusion of Break and Hip Hop with an introduction to how to breakdance. It is jam-packed with the latest chart-topping tracks, keeping the lessons current and cool.

  • Breakdance 

    This style is an athletic style of street dance. Incorporating fundamentals of tricks to accompany their choreography. This class is for everyone interested in learning the tricks of the trade of spinning on your head, power moves and freezes.

  • Stagecraft

    This class enables students to create choreography, develop body awareness and discover the art of improvisation. Students will be encouraged to enter their own work into choreographic competitions. It is a class for all budding choreographers and for those wishing for more self expression in their dancing. The class is facilitated by a teacher, however, it is strongly led by the students themselves.

  • Classical 

    This class is for students interested in the traditional style of classical ballet. Dancers will work on the barre, practice centre and corner work with special attention to ballet footwork and posture. Students will be working from the Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) Syllabus. Students will be able to undertake assessment exams allowing them to acquire the correct classical technique and progress to new levels.

  • Advanced Combo

    This class is for advanced dancers wishing to challenge themselves. This is a 1.5 hour combo class consisting of Commercial Jazz and Lyrical styles with fast paced and intricate choreography. This class is a Miss Zoe special and appropriate for dancers from 13 years old to open age.

  • Broadway Jazz

    Broadway dance offers fun & theatrical choreography based on the dance styles you might see in musical productions like Chicago, West Side Story and Moulin Rouge. The classes are perfect for light-hearted fun & fitness. As long as you are an Inter and above everyone is welcome to enjoy this class together.

  • Salsa

    This class is a fun loving casual class where you can learn the basics of salsa partner routines in a great social environment.

  • Troupe Classes

    This class is for those students wishing to challenge themselves. This class is a 2 hour class and it is a combination class incorporating Hip Hop, Funk and contemporary styles with fast paced and intricate choreography. Our troupe classes can only be taken along with a classical technique class and another suitable class of your choice. This ensures that our dancers are gaining the correct technique and training in their specific styles. The troupe class will have many performance opportunities including fetes, competitions and more.

  • Repertoire

    Our repertoire class allows students to learn classical dances away from the syllabus including solo, pas de duex, duo and corps de ballet pieces from existing famous works and original pieces alike. These pieces will usually link into our end of year performance.

  • Open Hip Hop

    This class is an open age class for those who would like to learn the basic technique of street hip hop dance. This class includes a warm-up that concentrates on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning and rhythm isolations. This is an all round fun, exciting, easy-going dance class with something new every week.

  • Contemporary

    This is an intermediate to advanced level class. Skills taught are safe warm up, phrasing choreography and creating meaning and intention for our dancing. Contemporary dance is a favourite style at Move Dance Co and we pride ourselves on the skill and education our teachers have in this style.

  • Yoga

    Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga where the teacher will guide you through a sequence of linked postures so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, matching the movements to your breath. This class includes breath awareness exercises and meditation. Students will leave the class feeling centered, relaxed, and physically aware. Please bring a yoga mat.

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